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Summer Hair Cuts and Styles for Men

Posted by Taylor deDiego on Jun 8th 2015

The man bun, moustaches, the long hair trend╌are you afraid of taking the plunge on one of these men’s grooming trends? We applaud the guys that are willing to take sartorial grooming risks, but if you’re looking for a way to ease into a new, on-trend style without regret, we understand. To help our MITCH men adopt a new look this summer and move away from requesting "the usual" when you visit your barber or stylist, we consulted a Paul Mitchell pro.  Chris Hogg, a Los Angeles stylist with a clientele made up of modern gents with killer style, shared his professional expertise on the matter.    



Updating your style doesn’t have to be drastic. Subtle changes to the shape of your cut or the products you use to style you hair can give you a fresh, clean feeling without much commitment. Or you can take the plunge; for those who are willing to experiment with totally new styles, talk to your stylist about trends like man bangs aka mangs, top knots or growing your hair out, and the products you can use to pull off these more committed styles with ease.




Tidy on the sides, long on top.                                         Side-swept man bangs aka mangs.

Row 1

 Top knots.                                                                                        Short and messy textured hair.  

Row 2

Tidy sides, tousled on top.                                                                    Undercut.  

Row 3

Feeling inspired? Bring these images to your local Paul Mitchell salon or school and break away from "the usual".  

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