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Summer Hair Trends We Adore

Summer Hair Trends We Adore

Posted by Team John Paul Mitchell Systems on May 8th 2016

With the summer season just weeks away, we’re eagerly prepping for backyard BBQs, poolside parties and rooftop gatherings by studying gorgeous hairstyle looks that’ll complete any summer ensemble. This season, the hair looks are all about embracing your natural texture or gently enhancing it with simple styles like defined curls, twisted chignons and ladylike hair accessories.

Defined Curls

Say so long to the lived-in look we raved about in 2015 (bittersweet, for us lazy girls) and say hello to more polished and defined curls for summer 2016. But don’t fret; simple curls like these only take minutes to style, so it won’t cut into your morning hair routine timeline.  

Paul -mitchell -defined -curls -blog -post -3041x 4142

Natural Texture

This summer, embrace your natural texture and let your waves, curls and texture show. Stock up on the right styling products for your hair type to enhance the look: serums for frizzy hair, moisture for dry hair, texturizing products for skinny strands and so on.

Paul -mitchell -natural -curls -social -media -post -2400x 3600

Twisted Knots

When the days are hot and humid, is there anything better than getting your hair off your shoulders? This season, a low, twisted knot is the ideal look for pulling your hair up in a casual yet sophisticated way. This’ll be our go-to look for everything from summer weddings to picnics in the park.

Paul -mitchell -twisted -knots -blog -post -3041x 4142

Hair Accessories

Rejoice! Hair accessories are making a comeback this season in a variety of forms: ribbons, barrettes, crowns, pins and more. Trade in your average elastic for a ribbon or switch out your basic bobby pin for a shiny barrette to accessorize your everyday style.  

Paul -mitchell -hair -accessories -social -media -post -599x 799

Paul -mitchell -hair -accessories -sweet -pin -social -media -post -1825x 2493


This season, fringe is in. Whether you wear your bangs long or short, they’ll be the perfect complement to your summer hairstyle.

Paul -mitchell -Fringe -social -media -post -2376x 3592

Low Ponytails

It may have been a while since you last sported two matching ponytails, but the look is back this summer. This season, the look is elevated to a new, chic level when worn low and close together with subtle details like twists or fringe.


Excuse us while we go practice these style and stock up on our favorite hair accessories.