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Take Your Strands into Your Own Hands with These Blowout Pointers

Take Your Strands into Your Own Hands with These Blowout Pointers

Posted by Team John Paul Mitchell Systems on Nov 6th 2016

Blow-drying is one of those things you probably do (and do often). If you’re just as lazy (or impatient) as us, you’re wielding that dryer aimlessly and hastily. What’s the secret to a great, DIY everyday blowout? Here are six hair hacks that will make your routine a breeze╌with enviable results.

Better hair starts with an ionic dryer

Tourmaline ions reduce frizz and add shine, while using less heat (= less damage). Enough said.  

Paul -mitchell -neuro -light -dec -nov -2016

Divide hair into four sections for faster results

If you were sectioning your hair into more parts than what comes in a Lego set, you’ll be glad to know your hair will dry faster with fewer sections. Gather and secure your hair into only four parts: top, left, right and back.

Using a round brush as you dry, will give you healthier, shiny hair

Look for a brush with anti-static, heat-resistant bristles to create a smooth finish and add shine. A vented barrel also reduces drying time.

Neuro -Round -Titanium -Thermal -Brush -new &now -dec -nov -2016-1938x 1938

Use a hair product designed to dry your hair faster

A silicone-based serum not only tames frizz but also speeds up drying so you get silky-smooth results in less time.

Don’t forget about your dryer’s "cool" button

Heat allows you to style, cool air sets it. This setting is best used at the end of your drying session for a minute or two to lock in your hairstyle while adding extra shine. How cool is that?!

Extend the life of your dryer in less than 1 minute

A little maintenance will help your blow-dryer go the distance. Approximately once a month, clean out the vent found at the back of the dryer. Remove the grill and use an old toothbrush to gently loosen the dust clumps (keep a paper towel underneath to catch the mess). Pop the vent back on, and done!

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