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Team Mitchell Runs the Nike Women's Half Marathon

Team Mitchell Runs the Nike Women's Half Marathon

Posted by PM Sports Team on Oct 20th 2014

Paul Mitchell has been an active supporter of Nike Women’s Half Marathon for four years. It’s a partnership we love to support because the Nike race series raises awareness and funds for awesome charitable causes, like The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. Giving is definitely their style!

For the past four years, Team Paul Mitchell has been on site, providing race participants with sporty styles and cuts, and rooting on our sporty sisters. Thousands of women hit the hilly streets of San Francisco, passing famous city sites such as Golden Gate Park, Fisherman’s Wharf, Coit Tower and the signature TransAmerica building, and as the event’s official hair care partner, we ensure that race participants have everything they need to run their miles in style.

Nike Women 's Half Marathon 4

This year, a few ladies from Team Paul Mitchell not only attended the race, they also participated, proudly running alongside each other for 13.1 miles! Here’s what they had to say about the event:

Nike Women 's Half Marathon 3

"This year’s Nike Women’s Half Marathon was a blast! It was a new course full of beautiful, classic San Franciscan scenery and just enough challenging terrain to keep me guessing. There were drum lines, gospel choirs, cheer teams, marching bands and countless volunteers set up throughout the race to cheer us on, keep us hydrated and make sure the smile stayed on our faces as we pounded the pavement. Getting that special blue box after crossing the finish line was good motivation as well!" " Kalena  Nordgaarden, Paul Mitchell Sports Marketing Manager  


"This was my 2nd Nike Women’s Half Marathon. Leading up to the race, I didn’t think I would be able to beat my time from last year and I was nervous to even try, but the atmosphere of the Nike Women’s Half Marathon is just so amazing you can’t help but be driven forward by the excitement around you.   I am proud to say I beat my time by a whole two minutes!" " Inger Berg, Paul Mitchell Brand Manager


"It is so inspiring to see 25,000 runners pound the pavement through San Francisco to the finish line! It was perfect weather, a beautiful course, and I saw tons of cool braids on race day (courtesy of the Paul Mitchell Braid Bar). But my favorite part was being able to experience it with my friend Inger Berg, Paul Mitchell Brand Manager extraordinaire. She is the ONLY reason I made it up the steep hill at mile 10!" " Tara Ennis, Copy Director

The Paul Mitchell sports team is made up of a sporty duo that organizes and oversees our sports marketing initiatives, as well as our roster of professional athletes and events. Kalena Nordgaarden and Rachel Hausman are constantly on-the-go, attending one event after the next, and exciting the participants and crowd along the way!    

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