Team Paul Mitchell Tackles MANuary

Not to toot our own horn, but" TOOT TOOT! Our athletes are awesome. They are X Games gold medalists, world champions and even Olympians. They always have the answers to our burning questions about everything from training techniques to pre-workout fuel, but for MANuary we wanted more than knowledge: We wanted some laughs.

We asked some of our male Team Paul Mitchell athletes the hard-hitting questions. And they didn’t hold back.

How many pairs of shoes should a guy own?

Aaron Blunck, Team Paul Mitchell Freeskier: I am a big shoe person so I like to have one pair that I can trash and not worry about, one to skateboard in, one to workout in, one to just wear casually and one nice pair for nice outings!

Branden Rakita, Team Paul Mitchell Triathlete: If you include the shoes I need for cycling and running AND just casual and dress shoes, I think I have more than my girlfriend.

Chas Guldemond, Team Paul Mitchell Snowboarder: Never too many shoes.

Blake Leeper, Team Paul Mitchell Track & Field Athlete: 10

Jason Pedersen, Team Paul Mitchell Triathlete: Not counting all the running or cycling shoes, I think four will cover most occasions: nice dress shoes, a pair of boat shoes, tennis shoes and a pair of sandals.

Paul Mitchell: Ok, good to know. Athletes need shoes, like a lot of them.


Is the man bun over?

CG: Hell no.

BR: I would consider it but I don't think Bri [his girl] would stick around.

PM: The jury is still out on the man bun. Attempt at your own risk.


When you achieve pop culture stardom: Dancing with the Stars or Celebrity Apprentice?

CG: Dancing with the Stars for sure! I can see myself wearing some paint-on pants and dancing with hot chicks.

AB: Definitely go with Dancing with the Stars to show people my moves!

BR: Dancing with the Stars, it shows talent and hard work. And some athleticism helps too.

BL: Dancing with the Stars because I would love to show the world my moves!

JP: If I want to make it past the first week, I better go for Celebrity Apprentice.

PM: We’ll call you guys when we need a wedding date who can boogie!


What’s your opinion on jorts?

AB: I think jorts look pretty good if you roll them up just past the knee.

CG: Never worn them!

BR: Those were great in the 80's.

BL: Certain people can pull them off.

JP: I am all for showing more leg.

PM: This was more mixed than expected. Guess we shouldn’t burn all the jorts just yet.


Favorite Kardashian?

AB: I don't really know too much about the Kardashians, so I guess I'm going to have to go with Kim.

CG: Khloe.

BR: Who are they?

BL: Kim.

JP: Kim is the OG.

PM: It’s hard to choose one, but these guys were pretty decisive. #KimForTheWin


What past trend are you waiting to make a comeback?

AB: I am waiting for the mullet to make a comeback.

CG: JNCO jeans. How wide are your cuffs?

BR: Slap bracelets.

BL: None! I like how things are.

JP: Since I grew up as a distance runner, I would like to see more dudes wearing short shorts.

PM: We’d like to nominate the buzz cut. Clean. Simple. To the point.


What celebrity would you "fangirl" over?

AB: Jennifer Aniston!

CG: Rhianna!

BR: Natalie Portman!

BL: Halle Berry!

JP: Brad Pitt!

PM: Beyoncé. All hail Queen B.


Best celebrity impression?

CG: Rocky

BL: Shaquille O’Neal

JP: Does Tom Hanks as Forrest Gump count?

PM: Yeah, we got nothing. Our talent lies in helping other people have good hair days.

OK, that was interesting! Many thanks to our guys for participating in our MANuary questionnaire. Your answers gave us a chuckle, which is scientifically proven to reduce stress. So thanks for helping to keep us healthy!

We want to know what you think! Leave your answers in the comments below.

Jamie Lew is Paul Mitchell’s Web Content Creator. When she’s not busy creating digital content for all of our brands, she keeps busy being active: from half marathons to hula dancing!

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