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The 3 Holiday Parties Everyone Goes To And On-Point Hairstyles for Each

The 3 Holiday Parties Everyone Goes To And On-Point Hairstyles for Each

Posted by Team John Paul Mitchell Systems on Dec 9th 2016

Sure, your inbox is stuffed with invitations to dozens but there are really only three basic kinds of holiday parties. Here's how you nail the hair:    


For fun with the fam, you'll want to look festive but not super done-up. Go for a look that elevates the everyday, like this polished ponytail. The wave at the front is a sweet retro touch and looks cute with everything from jeans to a party dress.  

Paul -mitchell -holiday -inspired -look -PM-Ponytail -Andrew Fritzsimons -repost -blog -image -with -source


"Work party" may sound like a contradiction in terms, but we like to think of it as a delicate balance that, done right, can be fun and professional╌much like this half-up, half down 'do. The volume on top brings the drama, while the rest of your tresses are decorously pulled back for a look that's glam but still appropriate.

Marula Oil -Holiday -model -new &now -dec -nov -2016-1477x 1938


The champagne is flowing, the dance floor's poppin' off, the guests are Instagramming the incredible band/six-foot-tall ice sculptures/live-acrobats-as-table-centerpieces" this is it, the totally-OTT, no-holds-barred party of the year. Time to think big╌eighties big, with touches of sexy texture. Turn up the volume and get ready to rock the party!

Paul -mitchell -holiday -inspired -look -neuro -70sbabes -repost -with -source

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