The Crown Braid Reinvented

Summer might be technically coming to a close (not officially if we’re basing seasons on weather in Los Angeles) but we’re not saying goodbye to summer hairstyles just yet.  In fact, we think this new take on the half-up hairstyle trend will work well into the fall months. The look? A half-up crown braid!

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Many of us have resorted to the half-up top knot this summer for its ease and chicness, and now we have another simple, on-trend style to add to the mix. Here’s how to get the look:


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  • Take a 2" section of hair in between your part and your ear.
  • French braid each section, wrapping the braid towards the back of your head.
  • Once you reach the back of your head, move into a regular 3-strand braid and secure with a clear elastic.
  • Lightly pull the three parts of the braid outwards to give the illusion of a more full and thick braid.
  • Once both braids are complete, guide them towards the front of your head and cross them over each other to create the crown look. Secure in place with bobby pins.
  • Use bobby pins to pin down any oddly placed pieces or bumps.
  • Finish the style with a mist of Super Clean Spray® and Awapuhi Wild Ginger® Shine Spray™.


Taylor deDiego is Paul Mitchell's Web Content Writer and resident style hunter. She spends her days writing copy, keeping tabs on our social channels and testing new DIY hairstyles in our in-house salon.

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