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The Gathering Kicks Off in 48 Hours!

The Gathering Kicks Off in 48 Hours!

Posted by Paul Mitchell Team on Aug 1st 2014

If you read our last post about The Gathering, you can imagine we are more than thrilled to announce this year's event starts in a mere 48 hours! Our staff is working tirelessly to set the stage, prep the models and rehearse the show, all of which will debut LIVE on Monday at 8:30am PST at

Before the grand opening show officially begins, resident vlogger Tally Jean Rossi will be reporting live from the red carpet to bring you exclusive behind-the-scenes footage and interviews. You’ll get a sneak peek at wardrobe, hairstyles and exclusive spotlights on our educators and artists. Don't miss it!  

Gathering 2014

Follow along on social media with hashtag #PMGathering to catch all of the excitement as it unfolds!