The Green Takeover's Progress in Peru & Guatemala

As an organization, we do what we can to make our world a more beautiful place and protect our natural resources and environment. On Earth Day this year, Tea Tree launched The Green Takeover, an actionable commitment to plant 500,000 Maya Nut trees in Guatemala and Peru by 2016 with the help of our partner, Reforest’Action.

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On Earth Day, we gave our fans the opportunity to get involved in the movement by planting a free tree under their name, and since then we have watched the number of trees planted by our global community consistently grow! With the help of our friends, family members and fans, we’ve made huge strides towards achieving our goal.

Now, months into this project, we’re excited to announce that the local people in Peru and Guatemala have started prepping and planting trees on our plots. In Amazonian Peru, the local communities began by planting vetiver grass which will protect the Maya Nut seedlings from erosion. The first round of trees has been planted and then second round will be planted soon!

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In Guatemala, local leaders from the Sayaxche and Peten regions were trained in Maya Nut tree management and reforestation by Gelio Cuellar, Director of the Ecological Ranching Program. Unlike Peru, where the reforestation technique requires grass to be planted, the technique used in Guatemala allows the seeds to be sown directly into the fields. Using this knowledge, they planted the Maya Nut trees at the beginning of the summer.

We are thrilled by the success of this project and our fans’ involvement. Thank you to everyone who has participated!

Learn more about our partnership and plant a tree!  

Laurence Dahan is the Senior Marketing Manager for Tea Tree and Awapuhi Wild Ginger and the brilliant mind behind initiatives including The Green Takeover. When she’s not dreaming up new ideas for her brands, you might find Laurence spending time with her daughter and planning her next trip to her hometown in France.

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