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The Magic Wand Just Got Better

The Magic Wand Just Got Better

Posted by Team John Paul Mitchell Systems on Jul 8th 2017

If you can get a hair color perfectly tailored to you at a Paul Mitchell salon or school, why not customize your curls? We’ve got six interchangeable rods for your Express Ion Unclipped 3-in-1 that give you endless styling possibilities.


1.5"- 0.75" Cone ╌ For Loose Curls that Transition to Natural Curls

0.75"-1.1" Oval Rod ╌ For Soft, Undone Waves

1" Bubble Rod ╌ For Tousled Waves and Texture

0.75"-1.25" Reverse Cone ╌ For Tight Curls that Transition to Loose Curls

1.25" Rod ╌ For Loose Curls and Beach Waves

1.5" Rod ╌ For Chic, Loose Waves

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Don’t forget to apply Hot Off The Press® to your locks before you bust out the hot tools╌happy styling!

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