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The Nature of Thicker, Fuller Hair

The Nature of Thicker, Fuller Hair

Posted by Team John Paul Mitchell Systems on Apr 3rd 2016

Whether it’s due to aging, genetics, hormonal changes or other causes, hair thinning and loss can be worrisome and frustrating. Healthy hair and hair growth begins with a healthy scalp.

Tea Tree Scalp Care is a preventative system that gently and naturally helps slow down the process of hair thinning, due to breakage. Ideal for men and women, this color-safe daily regimen is infused with our exclusive Regeniplex™ botanical blend to promote optimal scalp health and encourage healthy, thicker hair.

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This naturally inspired blend of five active ingredients promotes healthy hair and scalp in three steps:

Step One: Helps block the shrinking hair follicles. Clover flower extract helps slow down the process of hair follicle shrinking and helps reduce hair fall.

Step Two: Helps expand the follicle and strengthens the hair shaft. Kakadu plum, pea peptides, turmeric and ginseng moisturize and stimulate the scalp while increasing hair density and decreasing breakage.

Step Three: Helps alter the growth pattern. Our exclusive botanical blends helps extend the growth and rest phase of the hair cycle, and shorten the cycle of hair fall, resulting in fuller, thicker hair.

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