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The Newest, Must-Have Beauty Product

The Newest, Must-Have Beauty Product

Posted by Paul Mitchell Team on Apr 6th 2015

Notable beauty editors, experts and bloggers are calling marula oil the new it oil and for good reason! This fast-absorbing, multi-tasking oil is loaded with nurturing and hydrating antioxidants and oleic acids that hydrate, replenish and protect hair and skin at the deepest levels. A long time beauty secret in Africa, marula oil not only has high concentration of nutrients and minerals but also helps to seal split ends with immediate results.  Beauty experts are discovering the secret to transform hair and they are talking about it.  

Allure magazine is calling marula oil the new oil on the block and publicizing its moisturizing, anti-aging and defrizzing qualities. Allure Assistant Web Editor Stephanie Saltzman tried MarulaOil Rare Oil Treatment and reported:

"This multitasking product can be used on hair and skin╌and we love it equally for both. Our curly-haired tester raved about its thick, flyaway-taming consistency. Applied to damp or dry hair, it adds tons of shine and moisture to ragged, sad-looking ends. The lingering fruity-floral scent is just an added benefit."

In a recent article on, beauty editor Carly Cardellino detailed why marula oil needs to become a part of your beauty routine ASAP. She reports on the many incredible benefits of marula oil including its ability to create frizz-free styles by sealing, coating and smoothing the hair cuticle.  

Proving that not all oils are created equal, another article on marula oil from proclaims, "Move over, Argan and Jojoba" and touts the amazing hair and skin benefits of the new it oil. Beauty Editor Megan Cahn explains that the oil is rich in omega-3 which allows the oil to absorb quickly into hair and skin╌marula oil users will find that the oil leaves skin and hair smooth and silky, without a greasy residue.  

Experience the true rare luxury of MarulaOil products and see the transformative results for yourself.

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