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The Perfect Styling Kits for Summer Travel

The Perfect Styling Kits for Summer Travel

Posted by Paul Mitchell Team on Jun 10th 2015

Summer travel is rarely a cause of stress╌except for when you have to pare down your beauty routine into travel-sized bottles and strategically determine which stylers must be packed and which ones you might be able to leave at home. The internal debate about how you’ll choose the ONE hairspray that can span multiple styles is enough to leave the hair-obsessed on edge.  

Thankfully, you can put that debate to rest. We’ve packaged all of your favorite, must-have stylers, shampoos and conditioners across our brands into convenient travel kits that make packing a breeze and looking your best effortless.

Apr 15-Social Media Post -Promo -Paul Mitchell

Paul Mitchell® Travel Kits feature fan-favorites from our Extra-Body, Smooth and Original categories so you can bring your signature style with you easily.

Apr 15-Social Media Post -Promo -Awapuhi

Awapuhi Wild Ginger® Travel Essentials Kit packages up all of the indulgent necessities you couldn’t possibly leave behind, specifically the moisturizing benefits of our Awapuhi Wild Ginger products.

Apr 15-Social Media Post -Promo -Tea Tree

Tea Tree Tingle Essentials Kit will turn any shower into a spa-like retreat so you don’t have to compromise on the best part of your beauty routine.

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And last but not least, MITCH is bundling up fan-favorite products into convenient, TSA-friendly sizes, so you look dapper from the time you land at your destination to the moment you arrive back home.

So, now that you’ve settled the packing debate, where are you heading this summer?

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