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The PM PR Girls Take On Bright Pink's FabFest

The PM PR Girls Take On Bright Pink's FabFest

Posted by The PM PR Girls on Sep 23rd 2014

One of the things we like best about our partner Bright Pink® is their outlook on saving women’s lives from cancer. Sure it is a scary topic, but Bright Pink encourages women to be fearless and empowers them to take their health into their own hands. They make this message loud and clear through a number of initiatives, but possibly most importantly through FabFest.


FabFest is Bright Pink’s signature event where 1000+ women meet to celebrate a commitment to being proactive with their breast and ovarian health in a fun, fabulous and active environment. FabFest is now in its 5th year and the event has experienced exponential growth in attendees, funds raised and its impact on young women everywhere. We just returned from their Chicago event and had a blast!



Over the course of the event we, along with thousands of other FabFest attendees, shared inspiring stories, made connections with fellow Bright Pink gals, and participated in a series of health and wellness activities, including:

  • Fitness sessions with top-tier instructors
  • Actionable education, tips and tools for taking a proactive approach to breast and ovarian health
  • Wellness treatments including massages, hairstyling, manicures and more!

Speaking from experience, we can tell you it was a ton of fun! Now that the event is over, the 1000+ attendees are equipped to go back to their communities as Bright Pink advocates and influence others to adopt a proactive approach to their health. We couldn’t be happier to be involved in such a great cause.


If you’re interested in learning more and getting involved with Bright Pink, start by being proactive with your breast and ovarian health by completing Bright Pink’s Assess Your Risk tool or signing up for Bright Pink's Breast Health Reminders--monthly text message reminders to be breast self aware--by clicking here or texting PINK to 59227.

Here’s to living beautifully!

The PM PR girls are a talented duo that facilitate and participate in all things Paul Mitchell, from sports events to editorial photo shoots and red carpet galas. Lindsey Provost and Tatiana Hilton work with editors, our partners, artists, educators and staff to cover all of the things we do.  

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