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The Return of Red Hair

The Return of Red Hair

Posted by Team John Paul Mitchell Systems on Aug 31st 2017

PHOTO: @megankellybeauty

It’s the return of red in hair! Instead of full-flushed shades of vibrant cherry, deep auburn or fiery ruby, soft, subdued hues of rouge (i.e., strawberry hues and shiny copper) are emerging for Fall.

Once your “red” over heels, maintain your crimson pride with these tips:

1. Did you know that red is the largest hair-color molecule, so it slips out of hair the fastest? Avoid washing your hair for at least 24 (ideally 48) hours after coloring.

2. Ask your colorist about a color-enhancing treatment. Our Color Craft™ is customized by your salon professional to match your new hair color and designed to be used at home to help keep hair color looking fresh in between salon visits.

3. Avoid sun exposure, which can bleach out color and speed up fading.

4. To help slow down fading, cleanse with a dry shampoo in between blowouts.


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