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The Updated Half-Up Top Knot

The Updated Half-Up Top Knot

Posted by Team John Paul Mitchell Systems on Feb 11th 2016

Last year, we confessed how much we loved the half-up top knot. It was our go-to style for hot summer days and fall evenings when hat hair was an outcome of cooler days and wool fedoras. Now, we’re happy to announce the adorable successor to the half-up top knot: a triple knot upstyle. Here’s how to get the look.



Start with clean hair, either straight or curled. Your preference, but we love a smooth blow-out for this look.

Step By Step 1 And 2-Updated Top Knot

To give your hair some volume, lightly tease the top portion of your hair. This will give your look a bit more height and volume.

Next, gather a small section of hair above the crown of your head (a triangular section that peaks at the crown of your head) and create a small ponytail on the top of your head. Secure with two clear elastics (use two at the same time, so that if one breaks you have a backup!).  

Step By Step 3 And 4-Updated Top Knot

Braid the ponytail, using all of the hair until the very ends and secure with a clear elastic.

Wrap the braid around the base ponytail and secure with pins.  Pinch and pull at  the braid to give it a full look and perfect the placement.

Step By Step 5 And 6-Updated Top Knot

Finally, spray your upstyle with Worked Up® to keep everything in place.

Step By Step -Final Look -Updated Top Knot (1)

Try this style and show us your final look on Instagram with #IHeartPM. Happy styling!