#ThrowbackThursday: Top 5 Hairstyles of 2016

It’s a new year, with a new you, and you’re ready for a new ’do. But first, let’s take a stroll down memory lane for a look at the top 5 hairstyles of 2016â•Œand find out how you can upgrade them for 2017!


#5 Faux-bulous Looks

Way back in the day in early 2016, we brought you the faux hawkâ•Œthe perfect blend of softness and edginess all in one look (with zero commitment!). But for those of us who wanted something a little more classic and subtle (but equally as daring) we gave you the step-by-step for achieving the perfect faux bob.

2017 Upgrade: The Real Deal

Hair is just hairâ•Œit grows back, right?! If you find yourself nodding yes, then in 2017, why not just go for it? A classic bob is a great look for a girl on the go who doesn’t have time to toss her hair off her shoulders or throw it into a bun. And the Fall/Winter 2016-17 runways were all about feminine meets masculine looks, so rockin’ a real mohawk will make you look brave and totally on-trend. Still too nervous to shave those locks? Try out the romantic yet rebellious French Pleat instead.


#4 Accessorized

Last year we hopped aboard the nautical trend with sea-inspired looks and three stylish how-tos for accessorizing your hair with scarves. We love it because we’re always looking for ways to draw attention to our manes, and it gave us that playful, vintage vibe that makes us feel oh-so-feminine.

2017 Upgrade: Less Gidget, More Game of Thrones

Toss those headscarves in the air like a graduation cap, because you’ve been upgraded to royal status. This year is all about mega hair bling, from floral headbands to embellished crowns. And when you leave your house with your hair all decked out, don’t forget to bring your inner-Khaleesi (Sleeping Beauty can stay at home).

Less -Gidget -More -Game -of Thrones -wth -source


#3 The Top Knot

Trust us, we’d rock a top knot every day of the week if we could. It’s classic, clean, and we basically wore it all year long. But something tells us the little girl in you is going to like what’s up next.

2017 Upgrade: The Ballerina Bun

New York Fashion Week’s Spring/Summer 2017 runways featured sleek and feminine ballerina buns, and designer Ryan Roche’s romantic line even utilized the wonders of Awapuhi Wild Ginger® products to achieve the style. Find out how to get the look and don’t look back. You’ve already forgotten about the top knot, haven’t you?

The Ballerina Bun -with -source


#2 Runway Chic

In 2016 we were swooning over couture curls and slicked back style. Equally dramatic, yet unique and sophisticated in their own ways, these looks took us from the runway to the red carpet (or maybe just from work to play).

2017 Upgrade: All that Jazz

The 88 th Academy Awards were chock full of strong, beautiful, talented women who personify glamour (Cate, Brie, Charlotte, Saoirse, Jenniferâ•Œwe’re talkin’ to you!) But the new year calls for a little twist (literally!). We’re roaring over ’20s style waves that usher in a mood of rebellion and power. So slick your hair and wear your buckle shoes" we’re playin’ fast and loose in 2017.

All That Jazz Cropped -with -source


#1 Free & Natural

Our #1 look from 2016 was all about letting go and flowing free. It was a heated election year after allâ•Œcan you blame us for wanting a little freedom in our styling routine?! So whether you chose a voluminous blowout or barely-there boho waves, you let your hair do the talking and we heard you loud and clear.  

2017 Upgrade: Grow It Out

How can you take free-flowing style to the next level? Let it grow, let it grow, let it grow. Keeping your hair healthy and strong is a must for 2017, so put extra effort into the care of your long hair and your styling routine will be a breeze.

Grow It Out -with -source (1)


Happy New Year! Curious what the future holds for your hair in 2017? Check out this month’s Hair-oscope.

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