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Tips and Tricks for Blonde Beauties of Every Shade!

Posted by Paul Mitchell Team on Apr 26th 2015

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Whether you’re naturally blonde or the beautiful golden result of a stylist, blondes have a wonderful opportunity to play with tone, style and complementary beauty trends to bring out the best in your hue. Dress up your shade of blonde with these tone and style tips from our pros!  

Which Shade of Blonde Is Right for You?

Cool Blonde

Cool blondes are described as platinum, beige and ash with blue and violet undertones.

  • Compliment Your Skin Tone:Cool blondes bring out the best of cool complexions withpink, blue and red undertones.

Warm Blonde

Warm blondes are described as honey, golden and champagne with yellow and gold undertones.

  • Compliment Your Skin Tone: If your complexion has warm undertones like gold, peach and yellow, warm blonde tresses will give you a gorgeous glow.

Tips for Cool Blondes

  • Combat Brassiness: Keep your blonde tresses in tip top shape in between salon visits with Forever Blonde® Platinum Shampoo™, our violet-tinted color-enhancing shampoo that banishes brassiness, soften strands and adds shine.  
  • Dress to Impress: Cool blondes radiate in pastels like lavender, baby blues and mint.    
  • Style Suggestion: Add a pop of color with an accessory like a pastel hair barrette or elastic.

 Tips for Warm Blondes

  • Guard Your Gold: In addition to regular use of Forever Blonde® Shampoo and Conditioner, protect your golden hue from heat and environmental damage with Forever Blonde Dramatic Repair®╌our lightweight multitasking corrector that smoothes, strengthens and replenishes depleted blonde hair.
  • Dress to Impress:Warm blondes looks best in jewels tones like turquoise and aqua, and colors that have a red or orange undertones like peach and coral.
  • Style suggestion:Headbands are a great way to style your hair without much effort. Opt for gold-hued options to bring out the warmth of your blonde.  

Care for your blonde tresses with our Limited Edition Pardon My French style kits.  

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