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Trend Report: Long Hair for Men

Trend Report: Long Hair for Men

Posted by Team John Paul Mitchell Systems on Oct 20th 2015

If we learned anything from the first ever men’s fashion week earlier this year, it was that long hair for men is in this fall. Yep, long hair╌Fabio long╌is a trending style this season, gents.  

Whether you’ve attempted to grow your hair long before or need some convincing that this style is worth trying, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite long hair looks and some advice from men’s grooming expert Jason Reyes to inspire you to grow your hair out:  

"For men who are just starting to experiment with long hair, keep in mind that using a conditioner is essential as it will help fight frizz. Invest in a leave-in conditioner, light hold styling cream or gel to keep your hair manageable and shiny all day long.  And for the guys with curly hair, be sure to blot your hair dry instead of roughly drying with a towel to eliminate frizz."

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Rexusa _2401970blImage via Wayne Tippetts/Rex/REX USA

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 Image via  Rex/REX USA  

So are you in? Long hair for fall? Show us your style on Instagram with #MITCHTheMan.