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Two Paul Mitchell Insiders Get a MirrorSmooth Makeover

Two Paul Mitchell Insiders Get a MirrorSmooth Makeover

Posted by Team John Paul Mitchell Systems on Sep 15th 2015

Annette Vartanian and Melanee Shale are two LA-based style bloggers and Paul Mitchell Insiders with a passion for beauty and fashion. After getting to know these wonderful women and discussing their individual and completely different hair woes╌coarse, difficult to manage hair and fine, frizzy hair respectively╌we invited them to come to Paul Mitchell Headquarters in Los Angeles to receive a complete makeover tailored to their individual hair needs.

Both girls were looking for a way to control their texture, increase shine and get smoother hair. Resident vlogger Tally Jean Rossi consulted with the girls and explained how the new Awapuhi Wild Ginger® MirrorSmooth™ system would put their hair afflictions to rest. Check out the gorgeous Transformations and say hello to seriously smooth, shiny hair as Tally takes us through the looks from beginning to end.

Makeup by Paul Mitchell Insider: Valerie Hernandez