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Unexpected Date Night Hairstyles

Unexpected Date Night Hairstyles

Posted by Team John Paul Mitchell Systems on Feb 7th 2016

A certain date night is fast-approaching. Whether you’re hitting the town with your sweetie or your squad, Paul Mitchell pro stylist Samantha Ploskonka has new and possibly unexpected hairstyles for you to try.

When you think about popular rom-com movies, most of the main characters wear similar hairstyles on their date night: perfectly curled hair, soft updos with flowing tendrils, etc. But does date night hair always have to be romantic? This year, try something new, edgy and subtle to give off a cool girl vibe with minimal effort. These styles are quick and easy, and you’ll be ready before your sweetie/squad knocks at your door╌even after a long day of work!


After a long day of work or play, your hair may need to be refreshed before you head out with your honey. Here is a quick fix for getting ready fast:

1 (1)

  • Apply Dry Wash® to the base of your hair  and brush through. This will absorb any excess oil and add volume.

  • Taking large sections of hair, use the Neuro® Unclipped Styling Rod to touch up any waves that may have fallen throughout the day. Curling larger sections will give a natural wave as if you got a fresh blowout!

  • Apply a few pumps of Awapuhi Wild Ginger® Styling Treatment Oil™ through the ends to hydrate, add shine and break up the curl.

3 (3)



This look is great for finer hair textures, as it adds volume and banks on the fact the hair might have fallen limp during the day. This style is surely unexpected for a romantic night out.

5 (1)

  • Section the top portion of your hair into a horseshoe shape. Then create two sections on both sides and clip into place.

  • Starting with the side sections, use a comb or teasing brush slick the hair back and secure under the horseshoe section. PRO TIP: backcomb a section just under the horseshoe so you have a foundation to pin into.

  • Once secured, drop the top section. Apply Dry Wash® at the base and back comb 1" sections for lift and volume. Last, drape the top over the pinned sections in the back and gently smooth with your teasing brush (secure with hair pins if needed). Finish the look with Stay Strong® to assure the look lasts all night.



These styles aren’t your average date night look and that’s exactly why we love them! Show us your edgy side by posting a photo of your date night look on Instagram with #IHeartPM.

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