Welcome Back to MANuary!

Gents, it’s January 1â•Œthe date when nearly every human on this planet makes a resolution to drop the holiday weight, join a gym, spend less time at work, make more money and finally jump out of a plane all in one year. While these intentions are always good, we’re excited to bring you a more approachable way to better yourself, enjoy the life you live and stay healthy and handsome all year long.

Today, we’re kicking of MANuaryâ•Œa month devoted to helping you achieve the New Year’s resolutions you’ve made. Want to get ripped? We have tips from our athletes on how  to make the most of your workouts. Need a fresh hairstyle? Our professional stylists and groomers will help you find the right cut and style to impress the apple of your eye. Not sure what it takes to look and feel as suave as James Bond, but as relevant as Chris Pratt? Curious if women value success over a  sense of humor? We surround ourselves with a pretty savvy group of athletes, artists and trendsetters, and we asked them to share their wisdom in regards to all of the questions you might have about how to live the life of a MITCH® man.  

Starting today, check out the MITCH Facebook page and the Paul Mitchell Twitter account daily for style inspiration, grooming tips and how-tos, ways to win fan-favorite products and so much more. We have everything you need to be the best version of you.

Cheers to MANuary, gents! Let’s kick this year off in style.

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