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Welcome to Beyond the Bottle

Welcome to Beyond the Bottle

Posted by Paul Mitchell Team on Jul 21st 2014

We are excited to welcome you to our brand new blog, Beyond the Bottle! For the past few months, we have worked tirelessly to develop a new, user-friendly and beautiful website that allows our fans and followers to interact with the Paul Mitchell brand in new and exciting ways. This blog is just one feature that will give our Paul Mitchell community insight into what goes on at our headquarters and events.

You can expect timely updates and posts from our staff, including our web writer, our Paul Mitchell PR girls, our sports marketing gals, our talented team of educators and more. They’ll be giving you the scoop on all things Paul Mitchell, including:

  • Editorial photo shoots
  • Industry galas and parties
  • Product launches
  • Sports events and athlete updates
  • Philanthropic ventures and partnerships
  • Style tips, how-tos and expert product knowledge

Robert  Coco  IMG_0836

We're glad that you're here. We have great things in store so check back often to get your fix of Paul Mitchell happenings and style!  

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