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Welcome to Manuary, MITCH Men!

Welcome to Manuary, MITCH Men!

Posted by The PM PR Girls on Dec 31st 2014

The New Year is a great time to reflect on the year past and make goals for the year ahead. Many people resolve to improve their overall health by joining a gym, taking the stairs more frequently or attempting to end a love affair with sweet treats. While these resolutions are great, it can prove challenging to stick to the plan and accomplish the end goal, so this year we are here to help.

We’re excited to launch Manuary™, a month-long celebration of men. We’ll be offering tips for healthy living as well as ways to update style and grooming habits. We’ve gathered advice from seasoned professionals including the Prostate Cancer Research Institute, Men’s Health Magazine, professional hairstylists and groomers, one of the athletes on Team Paul Mitchell and one of our super stylish Paul Mitchell Insiders.   Believe us, these guys know a lot about looking and feeling good and they are eager to share their tips with fellow MITCH men.

Over the course of the month, tune in to our social channels regularly to get great tips. Cheers to a wonderful, healthy, stylish start to 2015!  

The PM PR girls are a talented duo that facilitate and participate in all things Paul Mitchell, from sports events to editorial photo shoots and red carpet galas. Lindsey Provost and Tatiana Hilton work with editors, our partners, artists, educators and staff to cover all of the things we do.  

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