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We’re Thinking Green for Earth Month

We’re Thinking Green for Earth Month

Posted by Team John Paul Mitchell Systems on Mar 29th 2017

This month, we are #RootedInGreen!

We are proud to partner with Reforest’Action to support their mission of combating deforestation by planting trees where they’re needed most. We’ve made a pledge: to plant 750,000 trees by the end of 2019. And you can help!

You can plant a tree without getting off your phone or ruining your mani. Go to to plant a free tree and make a difference.  And if green is also your thing, check out these  fun social media graphics that might just get an LOL out of your friends and family.

earth month  Earth Month Quotes -Save Humans Plant A Tree

 Earth Month Quotes -Use Your Popularity For A Good Cause  Earth Month Quotes -Save Your Sweat For The Gym

Share your greening efforts with us using #RootedInGreen. We can’t wait to see your green thumbs and your green hair!

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