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Why You Need a Color-Depositing Hair Treatment

Why You Need a Color-Depositing Hair Treatment

Posted by Team John Paul Mitchell Systems® on Oct 14th 2018

Elements like heat styling and the sun's UV rays can cause any hair color to fade in time. A customized color-depositing take home solution, such as Color Craft®, will revive faded shades and counteract brassy tones to keep color bright and fresh between salon visits. Here are four reasons why you'll want to try our Color Craft®.

artistic flatlay image of the color craft custom color treatment 6.9 oz. tubs

1. It Provides Customized Toning

Ask your stylist to mix specially for you Color Craft to use once a week in place of your regular go-to conditioner to neutralize unwanted brassy tones for blonde, bronde and highlighted hair.

image of icy blonde colored hair

2. Fights Fade Like No Other

Keep your reds vibrant, mahoganies rich and your pastels in place!

image of deep red colored hair

3. A Fun Way to Test Drive a Fashion Tone

Color Craft isn't permanent, so it's a great way to infuse fun into your look without commitment. It also works well as a color overlay or a lowlight.

image of pastel colored hair

4. It's a Super-Nourishing Conditioning Treatment Easily Done at Home

Amp up your shade while softening strands to keep your hair looking beautiful and healthy.

image of color craft custom color treatment 6.9 oz. tubs

Make an appointment with your stylist for a customized Take Home℠ formula of Color Craft®.

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