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You’re Invited: Paul Mitchell® Yacht Club

You’re Invited: Paul Mitchell® Yacht Club

Posted by Team John Paul Mitchell Systems on May 11th 2016

Craving a summer day spent on the waves, enjoying the sea breeze? Great news! The Paul Mitchell Yacht Club collection has just docked and is prepared to help you make a style splash this summer. Whether your seaside look is sleek and smooth or gently tousled by the ocean air, this collection has everything you need to charter a seaside look.

Paul -mitchell -PMYC-Navy -Iron -mini -blog -post -1938x 1938-1


The limited edition Express Ion Smooth®+ is decorated with classic nautical colors, gold accents and a fabric covered cord for a rope-like feel to help you channel your inner-sailor in the most feminine way. Use with Fast Form® and Hot Off The Press® to prep, and Gloss Drops® to set in a smooth, classic look. Plus, with your purchase, you’ll receive a free Paul Mitchell Yacht Club tote to hold your yachting essentials and scarf to accessorize your perfect hairstyle.


Don’t miss the Limited Edition Express Ion Unclipped 3-in-1 all dressed up in white and blue! This style-saver is your 1 st  mate when it comes to achieving a perfectly windswept style. Too much time spent at the pool? Fear not! Prep your locks with Shampoo Three® to remove chlorine and other build up, and then give them some much needed hydration with Super-Charged Moisturizer®. Finish your look by cocktailing Full Circle Leave-In Treatment® withUltimate Wave® to fight frizz and replenish every curl, and always experiment with the various barrel sizes before boarding the yacht.

Paul -mitchell -PMYC-Tote -Scarf -3n 1-iron -blog -post -1938x 1938-2


Looking for that ocean wind-in-your-hair type of volume? Apply Extra-Body Daily Boost® and Extra-Body Sculpting Foam® to damp hair, blow-dry with a round brush, and style with any of our nautical-inspired Express Ion tools. Complete the look with your adorable PMYC tote and scarf and you’re ready to set sail!


Every great style sailor knows you can’t leave the dock without the Express Mini® Smooth! This compact smoothing iron creates sleek strands, flips or waves on land or by sea, so you look fresh even on a long summer day.


Sure, not every day can be spent sailing on the sea, but you can always channel the chic, yacht life with Paul Mitchell styling products that’ll give you a seaside-inspired look. Whether you’re looking for Windswept Waves or Volume on Deck, our Paul Mitchell Yacht Club styling collection will help you channel your favorite seaworthy style.

Paul -mitchell -PMYC-Take -Home -Kits -blog -post -1938x 1938-3

Say ahoy to your most stylish summer with the Paul Mitchell Yacht Club collection!

Blog cover image credit: Morgan Ryan and Evan Woods

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