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Your Guide to Going Blonde This Summer

Your Guide to Going Blonde This Summer

Posted by Andrea Espinoza on May 11th 2015

Summer is the perfect time to lighten your locks, so we’ve pulled some of our favorite variations from the blonde spectrum to get you inspired. Whether you love cool tones or golden hues, these three variations will help you narrow down the right shade of blonde for you.

Honey Blonde

Beyonce Blonde

Beyonce is one of our favorite gals for many reasons, one of which is her ability to wear nearly any hair color or style. Her honey blonde hue is a gorgeous mixture of warm blonde with gold accents and is great for those with naturally darker hair.

California Blonde  

Kate Hudson Blonde

Sunny light locks like those seen on Kate Hudson are the epitome of the true California beach blonde. This pale gold shade is great for those with naturally lighter hair and is perfect for summer.  

Cool Blonde

Taylor Swift Blonde

Taylor Swift’s beautiful shade of blonde is a cool, neutral blonde, meaning there is a more distinguished absence of gold and yellow. This cool hue is a great stepping stone into even cooler blonde shades that are defined by hints of violet and blue.

With so many shades of blonde to consider, we recommend a customized hue that suits your natural hair color and skin tone. Visit your local Paul Mitchell salon or school to speak with a pro and determine the right shade of gorgeous for you. Once you’ve ventured to the lighter side, protect your investment and keep your lightened locks healthy and bright with Forever Blonde® products.