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Your Guide to Going Red

Your Guide to Going Red

Posted by Jamie Anderbery-Stout on Dec 21st 2015

Scientists are baffled by red hair. It is the newest development in human evolution, appearing at the end of the Ice Age like one of those flowers that break through the ice, fresh with hope and impertinence. They say the color has no obvious role in survival; the genetic machinery simply changed, perhaps for no other reason than that it could! Lucille Ball, one of the most infamous reds in history, once said, "Once in his life, every man is entitled to fall madly in love with a gorgeous redhead." And if it doesn’t come naturally, we believe that every woman is entitled to spice up her life with some red hair at some point!

Before making that jump to being that fiery redhead, there are some things to consider:


Perfecting beautiful red hair is an art. Find a stylist that uses the right professional tools like Paul Mitchell® the color or the color XG®, so you can relax and know your hair color and your precious locks’ integrity are in good hands! These permanent hair color systems not only deliver gorgeous, long-lasting hair color that stays vibrant and true, but also replenish, protect and rebuild the hair during the coloring process. Win-win!


There are dozens of different shades of red and the key to finding the right shade is your stylist. Here are some tips and guidelines to consider when consulting a pro:

  • Dark skin tones: Medium auburns, dark chestnut browns and even cabernet wine reds look great on darker skin tones. For high-contrast results, consider fire engine reds or violet plum hues.
  • Medium skin tones: Opt for a medium copper blonde or auburn shade. Mahogany reds look gorgeous and natural on medium toned skin colors.
  • Light skin tones: Light, golden, strawberry blondes and bright copper reds look incredible on fair skin tones. If you’re feeling adventurous, rose gold pinks and light marigold coppers turn heads and bring out the best in this skin tone.


With great red hair comes great responsibility! Here are some easy tips to keeping that red so spot-on nobody will know it’s not naturally yours:

  • Take your vitamins: Beautiful color is only possible when your locks are healthy and nourished. Use a deep conditioning treatment once a week such as MarulaOil Rare Oil Intensive Masque to replenish hair with antioxidants and oleic acids, deliver proteins and vitamins, seal split ends and add UV protection to your crimson locks.
  • Lock in your color: The three main causes for color fade are frequent shampooing, thermal damage from styling tools and sun exposure. When you make a commitment to red hair, invest in  Ultimate Color Repair® Shampoo, Conditioner and Triple Rescue® to protect hair from color fade╌this three part system will lock in color and keep your hair vibrant for up to 9 weeks!
  • Revitalize and recharge: The brighter the red, the closer you’ll get to your stylist! Pre-book your visits ahead of time to refresh your color before your roots are exposed (remember, with the right maintenance nobody has to know those red locks aren’t naturally yours). Each flavor of red is different, but 4 to 5 weeks is a great timeline to look at re-energizing those tresses.  

Whether you’re stepping into the world of red slowly with refined dimension and subtle tones or diving in head first with flaming red locks that scream spontaneity, there is a shade of red for every one! Going red is finding your inner voice that questions everything, craves change, makes you fall in love and pushes you toward adventure. Once you harness that voice and those desires, let Paul Mitchell take you to that perfect custom hue!

Jamie Anderbery-Stout is Paul Mitchell's Director of Color Education. When she's not educating stylists on Paul Mitchell professional hair color, you might find her working on her collection of old Chevys or sharing dinner with her husband at her fave Mexican food restaurant.

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