Your Hair-oscope: February 2016

We’re one month into 2016 and the likelihood of great hair days is already shaping up. If you caught last month’s hair-oscope, you’ve now updated your "do with the guidance of the hair divine and the help of your local Paul Mitchell stylist. Now, let’s see what this month holds.

Pisces: Selfless Pisces, it’s time for you to treat yourself to some well-deserved R&R. This month, your tresses and overall well-being will thank you for turning your shower into a spa-like retreat with a handful of invigorating products that’ll stimulate your senses and ease your mind.  

Aries: It can be difficult to get up and going when the weather is cool and the hours of sunshine are limited, but it’s time to get moving and indulge your athletic, adventurous and bold side this month.

Taurus: Think outside the hairstyle box, Taurus. While you may feel more comfortable sticking to what you know, change is beneficial this month. It’s time to update your go-to hairstyle with a fun and funky twist on the ever-popular half-up top knot and plant the seed for an adventurous month ahead.

Gemini: As a social butterfly, it’s important for you to fill your days with the company of great friends and fun plans. This month will be full of exciting events, so gather your girls and get glammed up! Don’t forget to snap a pic from girl’s night and tag #IHeartPM!

Cancer: The cards are in your favor this month, Cancer. You’ve been working hard and paying your dues, and now the stars have aligned to give you some flexibility in your schedule to finally see your local Paul Mitchell® stylist for a haircut and color. Time to #treatyourself!

Leo: Courageous Leo, you’re a style setter in ways you might not even know. A glorious opportunity will present itself to you this month in the form of a daring whim. Take it and don’t look back as your color your confidence at your local Paul Mitchell salon.    

Virgo: This month will be filled with golden vibrations sent to you directly from the adoring Universe, Virgo. Make the most of these gilded hours by dressing your beauty routine in gold.

Libra: If 2016 hasn’t proved to be all that and bag of chips for you just yet, dear Libra, fret not. The planets are aligned in just the right way to bring you everything you need to get your hair game on point and beat the masses to the next big hair trend. Soak it up!  

Scopio: This month, it’s time to get inquisitive and find out if your current beauty routine is the right one for you. The hair divine are here to guide you to the right routine for your hair type and help you welcome great hair days into your life for the rest of the year.  

Saggitarius: As you know, jealousy is the root of all evil. It’s in your hair’s best interest to put your jealousy to bed and learn exactly what those women with great hair are doing, instead of envying them from afar.

Capricorn: This month, your creative juices are flowing! Make the most of your artistic impulses by observing and studying fellow artists and taking tips from their process. Your dedication will certainly pay off in the form of unique hairstyles that everyone will admire.

Aquarius: Time to slow down, sweet Aquarius. After a big month of celebrating and spending time with your loved ones, it’s time to treat yourself to quality me-time. Make time to see your local Paul Mitchell stylist, enjoy an indulgent Wash House treatment and show off your new haircut by posting a selfie on Instagram with #IHeartPM.

Until next month, style seekers!

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