Your Hair-oscope: January 2016

2016 is here and we’ve been searching for fresh ways to look and feel our best this year. From new hair color and styles to new tools and products, a girl after great hair days can be challenged by limitless options (exhibit A) and constant style inspiration. So we turned to the hair divine and compiled the best hair care regimens for the style-savvy. Here’s your hair-oscope for the month!

Aquarius: This month, you’re in need of a great hairstyle worthy of a birthday celebration. Turn heads and make a statement with a coiffed updo (sure, the holidays are over but is there ever a time when you don’t want to channel your inner-Gwen Stefani?).

Pisces: Dear Pisces, you have a great month ahead. Fortune favors the bold, so if you’ve been considering coloring your confidence, now is the time.

Aries: The biggest challenge you faced in 2015 was how to eliminate frizz (there is nothing quite like the challenge of tackling lioness hair on a muggy day). Thankfully, the stars aligned and brought you the power of Awapuhi Wild Ginger® MirrorSmooth®. This month, you’ll say goodbye to frizz and hello to great hair days. #HairOnFleek

Taurus:  Adoring Taurus, this month the planets are in just the right position to give you the courage to break away from your routine hairstyle and try something fresh. We see a chic, low ponytail in your future.  

Gemini: 2015 was a year full of great challenges and lots of progress, and we see 2016 shaping up to be another banner year for you. And it’ll all begin with a killer hair cut that commands the attention of those you need to impress. There’s a Paul Mitchell® pro waiting to transform your tresses in your area!

Cancer: If the holiday rush still has you exhausted, we know just what will help you re-center and re-condition your weary strands. This month, take a tip from the pros and turn your everyday shower into a spa-like retreat.  

Leo: Savvy Leo, you are wise beyond your years and this month, you’ll make the most of it. While everyone else is signing up at the local gym, we encourage you to beeline it to the salon to color your confidence (link to blog post) and start off the year with a new, fresh color.  

Virgo:  The perfectionist in you is weary of hand-painted, balayage highlights, but the daredevil in you is dying to visit a Paul Mitchell® pro and try something new. With the planets in just the right alignment this month, there’s never been a better time to indulge your daring side.  

Libra: Some may think you’re indecisive, but we know that you’re just aiming to weigh all of the pros and cons of a decision. If you’ve been curious about how you might look with rich, red tresses, this is the month to finish your research and visit your Paul Mitchell® colorist.

Scorpio: Always curious, you, dear Scorpio, are on the hunt for your next best hair color. This month, our Director of Color Education will help you find the right shade of beautiful for the year ahead and satisfy your itch to try something new.  

Sagittarius: This month, the cards are aligned and encouraging you to spring into the New Year with simple, yet totally chic hairstyle changes. Get a jump start by learning everything you need to know about the basics of braiding.

Capricorn: This month will be a busy one for you, but busy in the best way possible. Social outings, new friendships and great opportunities are coming your way, so get prepared for plenty of fun with these stand-out hairstyles designed by Paul Mitchell Editorial Director Lucie Doughty!  

Until next month, style seekers!

Taylor deDiego is Paul Mitchell's Web Content Writer and resident style hunter. She spends her days writing copy, keeping tabs on our social channels and testing new DIY hairstyles in our in-house salon.

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