Your Hair-oscope: January 2017

The new year is here and we’ve got your most up-to-date hair-oscopes below. Delve deep into what January has in store for you and get the perfect style for your sign.


Cap—you LOOK fantastic! Your personal charisma and beauty tops the charts. We’d say that’s a pretty good reason to celebrate your birthday! To keep this new year trend flowing, spring for a fancy up-do and pair it with a chic accessory (we suggest green, gold and yellow). And you, my friend, are dressed for success!



Get ready to bask in your independence and freedom, Miss Aquarius, because this month is all about individuality. Showcase your style and make it stand out with your own personal flair. How? We suggest starting with our newest tool, the Express Gold® Curl Marcel.  



Ah, Pisces—the inner, introspective life has been strong for some time now, so get ready to take it to the next level. This month, your downtime will be swelling with serenity so make sure the mane matches the mood. Solution? Long layers (especially around the face) for a low-maintenance, flattering face-framing style.   Make an appointment with your stylist now.



Dear Aries, hold tight! Your life goals are just about to take flight. January is your power month. Go full steam ahead and don’t look back because, girl, you are on fire. Accentuate this power streak with a commanding blunt cut and go for the bold. These fine hair hacks will also help you get the job done.  



Like your Aries counterpart, you, too, start 2017 off with high ambitions. Though the first week may start a little slow, by month’s end you will be at the top of your game. Look for achievements to happen through your social graces and soft, flowy style. Your good hair days are about to get a whole lot more good, Taurus. Lucky you!



Miss Gemini, you’ve spent a great deal of time perfecting the inner working of your soul, and this month the focus is shifting! January is all about reinventing yourself. That lob or bob you’ve been telling yourself would look great on you? You’re right! It will. Now is the time. Get inspired here and then go knock ’em dead!



Not surprising, but throughout the holidays you stayed pretty close to home. However, come January, an influx of social engagements are coming your way, so get ready to play! Make sure you look and feel your best by getting plenty of water and rest. We also suggest a bathroom full of our Awapuhi Wild Ginger products for some added relaxation. <3



Leo Leo Leo, we know how much you enjoy being the center of attention (and how good you are at it), but this month, the message is very clear: take a low profile. Believe us, there will be plenty of time later this year to make waves, but not right now. Cultivate your relationships, get a simple trim and just hang tight. Your time to pounce is coming.  



Take this month to write down your career goals and get focused on what you really want. Style wise, up the ante and opt for a total makeover! This will not only boost your confidence and help you feel vibrant in your own skin, but it will also help open the doors to opportunities that might not have otherwise presented themselves.  



Communication is key and love is in the air, dear Libra. Whether single or taken, your charm will be the talk of the town. Take date nights to the next level by pulling the sides of your hair back, adding a little volume and shine ( with our newest set of luxury products) and viola! They’ll think you completely outdid yourself (in the best possible way).  



January is YOUR month, Scorpio. Prosperity is strong, love is in the air, and you are unstoppable. Touch up your roots or try on a new hair color for an even bigger boost of transformation. You can do no wrong.  



Wow! Your personal power is unusually strong this month, Sag. And the good thing is, if the conditions of your life don't suit you, change them! Your resilience is a reflective part of who you are and your hair definitely mirrors this. To maintain this trend with ease, stock up on our strength line and go for the bold!

Happy new year, and happy styling!

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