Your Hair-oscope: June

Summer is here and things are certainly heating up. The hair divine have nothing but great plans in store for you and your hair game this season, so let’s dive in:

Cancer: It’s birthday month and the hair divine have gifted you with the perfect birthday hairstyle. Throw on your favorite party dress and perfect your pout for a celebration that you won’t forget any time soon!

Leo: Things are looking bright this month, Leo. Maybe it’s because we dedicated the whole month of June to vibrant hair color that just. won’t. stop. And with luck like yours, you could very well be the person who wins our swag bag of product that keeps color-treated hair brilliant and bright.

Virgo: Darling Virgo, it’s in your nature to keep things clean and organized. This month, spend a little time getting acquainted with the styling tools in your bathroom cupboard and make sure you have all of the stylers you need to have your most chic month yet.

Libra: After a busy spring season, you’re ready to sail away from responsibilities, commutes and the daily grind. While yachting around the Mediterranean may be a long term plan, the hair divine have a short term fix for your vacation blues.

Scorpio: Get ready for a busy month, sweet Scorpio! Your calendar will be booked with social and professional meetings, and you’ll need to look your best. Thankfully, the hair divine have the solution to keep you looking fresh all week long, even when time isn’t on your side.

Sagittarius: If you’ve been waiting for a moment to catch your breath, it’s finally here. Thanks to the celestial bodies, you’ll enjoy some down time where you can kick your feet up, catch up on your favorite glossies and see your stylist for a fresh cut and color.

Capricorn: Expect things to heat up this month with more time spent outdoors in the summer sun, catching rays poolside or at the park with your peeps. And as always, the hair divine are looking out for your best beauty interest with some tips that’ll keep your tresses fresh despite the summer elements!

Aquarius: If you’ve been waiting on good news about a new venture, the hair divine see great things happening this month.

Pisces: You are shining bright as ever this month, Pisces! And what a treat that is because we’re celebrating vibrancy in every sense of the word this month. Come on over and show us how you’re living in bright color for a chance to win some serious swag.

Aries: If you’ve been thinking about treating yourself to something glitzy, this is the month to do it! We see bright, shiny gold things in your very near future.

Taurus: If there was ever a time to be bold, it’s now, Taurus. You’ve been toeing the edge, but it’s time to take the plunge.

Gemini: This month will be the perfect time to find a fresh start. Whether that means taking a Friday off for some me-time, a mini vacation or a trip to the salon, it is certainly deserved. Rest up and enjoy, Gemini!

Until next time, style seekers!

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