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Your Hair-oscope: May Edition

Your Hair-oscope: May Edition

Posted by Team John Paul Mitchell Systems on May 15th 2016

It’s that time of the year: the days are getting longer, the weather is warming up and change is in the air. If you’ve been craving a change, the hair divine are here to help you uncover the best hair change for the upcoming season. Let’s dive in!

Gemini: It’s birthday month and the planets and stars are aligned in your favor. The hair divine have hordes of style tutorials fit for a birthday celebration, but we think you’ll enjoy this one the most.

Cancer: Dear Cancer, if you’ve been considering joining the light side, things are looking bright and sunny. Grab inspiration from some of our favorite girls and lighten your load (and locks!).

Leo: After a handful of busy and bustling months, it’s time to get some R&R. Might we suggest a trip to the salon for an indulgent Wash House treatment and blow-out?

Virgo: Always the planner, you, Virgo, may have your summer vacation booked and your killer bikini ready for days spent poolside. But have you prepped your hair? Take a minute to indulge your tresses in deeply nourishing and protective products before kicking off the summer season.

Libra: Run, don’t walk to the salon, sweet Libra. This month it’s time to update your cut and color, and stock up on styling favorites because starting now you’re in for a month of fun festivities and plenty of photo opps. Your stylist is waiting!

Scorpio: As the month opens, the hair divine are gifting you with so much hair inspiration you may not know where to begin. But rest assured this month will be full of social activities where you can try them all. Time to get started!

Sagittarius: This month will be filled with celebrations of love. Whether you’re celebrating an anniversary at a quaint B&B or attending a 200 person wedding, these hairstyles will help you feel your best for any occasion.

Capricorn: This year may have started slowly and softly for you, Capricorn, but now is the time to spice things up. The hair divine are encouraging you to break away from the norm with bright colors, like shades of ruby.

Aquarius: This month, it’s time to unleash your inherent creativity. Say no way to playing it safe and try this textured party style on for fun this weekend.

Pisces:  If the year feels like it’s gone by in a blur, you’ll be glad to know things are about to slow down for you. Enjoy lazy mornings and plenty of sleep this month without sacrificing your style when plans are made last-minute with this celestial gift.

Aries: Rather than rushing, it’s wise to ease into the upcoming summer months. Make time for an indulgent conditioning treatment, see your stylist to get rid of your split ends and be sure to stock up on UV protecting products to keep your strands gorgeous all summer long.

Taurus: If you’ve been dreaming of beautiful coastlines and sunbathing on a yacht to no avail, you’ll be glad to know the hair divine have a second best scenario for you. Say ahoy! with limited edition stylers and products that bring nautical vacation dreams to life.

Until next month, style seekers!

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