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Your Hair-oscope: October 2016

Your Hair-oscope: October 2016

Posted by Team John Paul Mitchell Systems on Oct 10th 2016

It’s a new month ╌ will it be a new you? The hair divine are here with a glimpse into your style future and the tips, tutorials and inspiration you need to make it a beautiful month.  


This is your month, Libra! You should be the star of every party, and that includes Halloween. So as you’re trying to decide on what costume to wear, start with your hair first. By experimenting with new products and styles, the perfect look will come to you in no time!


It’s smooth sailing this month, beautiful water sign, because you know the secrets to making your blowout last!


Fall is a season of beautiful transformation. Take some time this month to reflect and pamper yourself.


Don’t let your man hide under hats all season long! Surprise him with these styling tips for thinning hair   and we promise you’ll both be oohing and aahing over the results.


Dear Aquarius, we feel a busy month coming on! Maximize your time by maximizing your blowout. Find out how to make it last so you can spend less time in the bathroom and more time having fun.  


It’s just one good hair day after another for you this month! Inspire others to step it up a notch by sharing your fabulous selfies on Instagram and Twitter with #IHeartPM. Because, as our fearless leader says, "Success unshared is failure."


It looks like you’ve been in a hair rut. But the good news is╌it’s about to end! The hair divine have the perfect new look for you, whether you want to go bold or make a subtle change.


Uh oh, it looks like someone’s been procrastinating! But we know you’re brave, dear Taurus. So go ahead and enter that costume contest (something tells us you’re going to win!)


Sometimes you feel like a bob, sometimes you don’t. Find out how to fake it  and you’ll feel much more balanced this month╌no drastic chops required (not that there’s anything wrong with that!)


The hair divine see PINK in your future! Consider gifting our limited edition United in Pink tools and styling products  to a special woman in your life. Not only will you make her day, but you’ll be supporting breast and ovarian cancer awareness. Plus, you’ll encourage her to take charge of her health and learn about her risk factors. So many wins!


Dear lion sister, your roar has sounded more like a meow over the past few weeks. Make an appointment with your local Paul Mitchell® school or salon and try out something new. A chop, a bold new color, or perhaps even fringe will have you ruling the jungle again in no time.  


You’re a style star in our eyes with a great head on her shoulders (literally and figuratively!) The hair divine have the perfect new product for you that is sure to make your best attributes shine.

Here’s to a beautiful month!

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