Your Hair-oscope: April 2017

Success, style or something more? Stay on top of the latest style trends custom-made for your astrological sign. Where? In the April issue of Hair-oscope, of course.


Time to embark on a journey of a lifetime, birthday girl! The itch to venture out of your comfort zone is real. Do not avoid this call. You have the world at your fingertips. Harness your power, gather your hair into a chic, no-nonsense style and get down to business. It’s time!



Hit the ground running, Miss Taurus, and do not look back. You’ll have time to rest the last week of April, but until then, it’s all or nothing. Listen to your intuition. Focus on your goals. Your peers will look to you for advice on everything from fashion to finance. Listen. Be kind. Express yo’self!



April is an advantageous time for you, Gemini. Your brave actions will yield constructive results. Reduce expenses and get creative with how you spend money. Save now. Play later. Style wise, your hair goddesses say "volume is best!" Step up your game with these tips and go paint the town red!



Your career will soak up a lot of your time this April, Cancer. The good news is you’ll be dealing with a lot of influential people who will help better the world around you. The bad news is there won’t be a lot of prep time for your mane. But we have a solution â•Œ CONDITION! Nothing says fabulous (and quick and easy) like soft and smooth hair!



Dear sweet Leo â•Œ out with the old, in with the new! That is what the stars have in store for you. Whether it’s chopping off your hair, growing out your bangs or opting for that dazzling hair color you’ve been eyeing â•Œ the time to act is now. Don’t question your choices. Go for the one that feels the most authentic to you and just do it!



Mercury is in retrograde, Virgo baby! Interested in creating a new business but don’t feel you have the time or energy to devote to it? That’s just the fear talking because all stars point to YES. And with that comes the need to look and feel your best.



Love rules your house this month, Libra. It will be the area you devote the bulk of your time. You’ll be getting out of your own way and using love as your guide. Breathe deeply, open your heart and feel the power of this incredible force. Give YOU the love you deserve too with help from one of our amazing Future Professionals at a Paul Mitchell Schools near you. Opt for a pamper session and you’ll be glad you did!   Book an appointment now!



We know change is scary, Scorpio, but the stars are telling us that you should be ready for it. It’ll start from within. Perhaps you’re feeling more emotional than usual â•Œ this is normal! Show compassion to yourself, give back to your community and opt for a haircut that makes a statement. Change is good! Embrace it.  



So, there’s a solar eclipse on the 8 th, Sag. For you this is good news because with it comes the possibility of love and romance on a completely different level than you are used to. Pretty exciting, right?! The stars message is clear: Get thee to a Salon. Your updated look will help you feel and look your best!



Someone from your past may unexpectedly re-enter your world this month, Cap. This is likely a good thing, as there is some unfinished business to attend to. Set goals this month to accomplish by the new year. Surround yourself in creative endeavors and style wise â•Œ opt for braids (you can never go wrong with a braid).   Here’s some inspo!



April is a very busy time for you, Aquarius. On top of that, the stars suggest learning a new skill or taking on mentorship-type role. This is an exciting time of the year for you, and you’llhave the energy, stamina and wit to sustain this phase and see it through to a successful outcome. Looking for ways to give back? Go green. Plant a tree.



New doors will open, this month Pisces! Financial security will calm your uncertainty and luck is in the air. Now is the time to try something you’ve always wanted to do. If April had a color, it would be red. You’ll be vibrant, bold and audacious in all you set out to do. If you’ve been contemplating a color change, this is the month!


We hope these April showers of insight will bring abundance and light to you in the month of May. Happy styling!

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