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Your Hair-oscope: February 2017

Your Hair-oscope: February 2017

Posted by Team John Paul Mitchell Systems on Feb 7th 2017

It's the month of love and a good time to read up on what style trends your sign craves. Check out your sign below for your latest hair-oscope.


Your way is the best way, this month Aquarius. So honor that motto and live it up with confidence. And guess what? Prosperity and love will actually pursue YOU! So take a load off, pull your hair back and enjoy an unusually easy-breezy birthday month knowing that all things are aligned for good.



It’s time to take some bold action, Pisces! This February, use your power to change any undesirable conditions, and (like usual) you’ll find that things just naturally end up going your way. Love is in happy mode this month, and feeling and looking beautiful comes with ease. Need some style tips to help elevate your look? These should do it!  



You’ve worked hard to get where you are, Aries, and a much-needed dose (or two) of recognition is on its way! Style wise, volume is best. Take on V-day with Tea Tree to pull off a fancy little up-do and you’ll be the belle of the ball.



February is all about love, dear Taurus. Whether single or taken, everything will be coming up roses. Speaking of things that are red"now is the time to take the hair color plunge. Might we suggest something bright and bold, like our red-over-heels recommendations here? Test-drive it first on YouCam! Download the app and check out all the colors we have to offer!



February’s outlook? Lookin’ good, Gemi! Positive stimulation? Check. Promotion? Check. Travel opps? Check. Though your love life may feel a little stagnant, not to fear, MarulaOil Light  is here! Elevate your style and make them swoon with our newest line of luxury products.



February’s focus should be on your career, Cancer. And those social connections you made last month? They will soon come into play. This will be a wonderful period for gaining knowledge and revelation. Leave the guesswork of Valentine’s hair to us and keep your focus on the job!  



The queen sometimes needs to exalt the people around her. In doing so, she’ll empower others and gain even more popularity. This month, it’s all about sharing the love! Pair this with sincerity and grace (and a headful of good hair), and the outcome is phenomenal. You’ll see.



Rock that independence, Virgo girl! Yes we know there are a lot of changes going on, but that doesn’t mean it has to get you down. January’s makeover is obviously keeping your little black book full, but in case you’re still in need of a little style fix, our Express Ion Stylewand™ will also get the job done.  



Libra╌long hours at the office will turn into some of the best play nights of the year. Anticipate this by making sure the entire month of February is filled with 30 days of amazing hair. We’ve made it possible (you’re welcome!) with a little tool we call the Express Gold® Curl Marcel.  



Much of life is trial and error. The month of February for you, Scorpio, is all about reaping the rewards of the past year’s decisions. We will assume you chose wisely! Take this time to cultivate relationships, freshen up your look, and keep your locks hydrated and healthy.



This month, YOU, Sagittarius will experience something magical. You’ll learn the value of fun, joy and happiness"without the guilt! Woah. Right? This happy-go-lucky vibe is the perfect time to change up your style. Our suggestion? Something liberating: perhaps a new color or daring blunt lob? And, just in time for Valentine’s Day" Make an appointment with your stylist now.



Time to get out the pen and paper for some long-term planning, Cap! Clarity will come to you in waves, so be ready to jot down those awe-inspiring thoughts before they’re gone. Hair-wise, keep it resilient. Our firm style products are a good place to start.    


Happy Valentine’s Day month, and happy styling!  For more beauty tips, click here.

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