Introducing Our New (Clean) Beauty Queen

Paul Mitchell Clean Beauty x Emma Brooks

"Clean Beauty offers the ultimate clean routine that's great for hair and good for the planet."—Emma


Meet Emma

Social Media Influencer, Mental Health Advocate + Clean Beauty Ambassador

LA → L.A. Born + raised in South Louisiana, now pursuing her dreams in Los Angeles.

She’s a Gemini who loves creating a good lip-sync video, wears her heart on her sleeve + uses her platform for the greater good to help others.

Crowned Miss Louisiana Teen 2019 + competed in Miss Teen USA, she credits her Paul Mitchell® hairstylist + products for bringing her pageant-strained hair back to life.

Her goals: To continue to speak out about mental health, be a proud member of the LGBTQ+ community + support sustainability efforts in the fashion + beauty industries.

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Good For Hair. Good For The Planet.

"When I learned about Clean Beauty and the lengths that Paul Mitchell® has gone to create amazing products while helping our planet, I was hooked."—Emma

Here are just a few reasons why Emma loves Clean Beauty...

  • Vegan + cruelty-free
  • Made with clean ingredients
  • 100% recyclable* bio-based packaging**
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*Excluding caps/closures. Check your local requirements. **Excluding select caps/closures.

Her Clean Routine

"I’ve always been a fan of Paul Mitchell® products—they saved my hair from immense damage!"—Emma

Q: How often do you wash your hair?

Every other day.

Q: Go-to shampoo & conditioner?

I switch between Clean Beauty Repair Shampoo + Conditioner and Clean Beauty Everyday Shampoo + Conditioner, depending on the state of my hair.

Q: Favorite style prep?

Clean Beauty Styling Cream + Volumizing Liquid right after I get out of the shower.

Q: Air-dry or blow-dry?

Both, but usually air-dry. If I'm going to use hot tools like a curling or flat iron, I always use Clean Beauty Heat Styling Spray.

The Looks

Created by John Paul Mitchell Systems® Editorial Director Noogie Thai, these looks are carefree, playful, light and airy, just like Emma. Bonus—they're easy for anyone to achieve at home. Here’s how…