I thought John Paul Mitchell Systems products were only sold within the professional beauty salon industry, but I've seen them in drugstores and other mass retail outlets. Are they authorized retailers?
I made a purchase on Ulta.com, JCPenney.com or Amazon.com and need customer service support. Who do I contact?
I just purchased a Neuro® tool. Where do I register for my 2 year warranty?
Who do I contact regarding warranty service for Paul Mitchell Pro Tools™ and Neuro® Styling Tools?
What do I do if the pump or sprayer on my Paul Mitchell product isn't working properly?
I'm interested in attending a Paul Mitchell School. How do I get more information?
Do Paul Mitchell Schools offer guest services?
Does Paul Mitchell own salons?
Who do I contact regarding product donations for a charity event?
How do I get a list of ingredients for one of your products?
Are any John Paul Mitchell Systems products gluten-free?
Do you test your products on animals?
How do I know which product is right for my type of hair?
Where can I get free samples?
How do I partner with John Paul Mitchell Systems as an influencer?