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Respect the Beard Holiday Gift Set


Limited Edition

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Respect the Beard Holiday Gift Set

Respect the beard with MVRCK™ beard essentials. Limited edition holiday gift set contains:

  • Beard Oil: Softening oil delivers added control and shine to beards of all lengths. A blend of shea butter, sunflower seed oil and other hydrating ingredients soften hair, while an agave citrus scent refreshes and energizes. Works as a lighter hydrating option when your beard looks dry. Use with the MVRCK™ Skin + Beard Lotion for added softness.
  • Skin + Beard Lotion: Moisturizing lotion for controlling and taming coarse hair. The rich, conditioning formula with barley seed extract restores hydration to skin underneath beard or scruff. Can be applied to skin as a stand-alone daily moisturizer that also keeps beards tight and controls flyaways.

Note: Our packaging is getting a makeover, so the product you receive may vary from the images that are shown.

Set Includes:

1 – Beard Oil (1 oz.)

1 – Skin + Beard Lotion (2.5 oz.)


  • Gluten Free





  • Apply Skin + Beard Lotion and massage a small amount directly onto the skin and beard.
  • Apply a small amount of Beard Oil directly onto the beard and distribute evenly.

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