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Clarifying Liter Duo Set

Paul Mitchell

Limited Edition

$36.00 ($47.50 Value)
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Clarifying Liter Duo Set

Stock up and save big for our big milestone 40th anniversary! This duo of clarifying shampoos deeply cleanses and purifies hair by removing chlorine, excess oil and build-up. Limited edition liter set contains:

  • Shampoo Two®: Color-safe formula deeply cleanses oily hair and scalp, leaving hair fresh, shiny and full of body. Wheat-derived conditioners boost body and shine. Helps minimize oil production, so hair becomes less oily over time.
  • Shampoo Three®: Removes dulling build-up from hair, strengthens strands and minimizes future build-up. Deep cleansers remove chlorine, iron and minerals. Helps prevent swimmers' "chlorine green."

Set includes:

1 – Shampoo Two® (33.8 oz.)

1 – Shampoo Three® (33.8 oz.)


  • Paraben Free
  • Vegan





Note: Our packaging is getting a makeover, so the product you receive may vary from the images that are shown.

Apply a small amount. Massage. Rinse.

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