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Control Freak Four-Piece Travel Set


Limited Edition

$16.00 ($20.00 Value)
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Control Freak Four-Piece Travel Set in Packaging

Achieve whatever look your heart desires with the Control Freak Travel Set. This handy hair care kit comes packed with all the basics you need to create gorgeous hair that reflects your unique personality. This limited edition set includes:

  • Sugar Cleanse Shampoo: Non-greasy shampoo leaves hair fresh and squeaky clean. Plus it's color safe, so it won't wreck your color. Get hair that feels refreshed and smells oh so sweet. It's the perfect start to a great hair day.
  • Sugar Rinse Conditioner: Conditioner, detangler and shine booster all in one. Did we mention that it also fights frizz? Your hair will love you for adding this versatile, hydrating conditioner to your hair care routine.
  • Sugar Confection® Hairspray: Working spray that will keep any style going strong all day. Workable and powerful, it's the absolute best hairspray for up-dos. Flexible styling helps build volume, while lasting hold makes sure every strand stays in place.
  • Sugar Cream Braid Cream: Powerful styling cream adds incredible shine and keeps pesky hairs from straying so your style always stays in place. For smooth braids, polished top knots and sleek twists it's a must-have. And it’s great for blowouts!

Note: Our packaging is getting a makeover, so the product you receive may vary from the images that are shown.

Set includes:

1 – Sugar Cleanse Shampoo (3.4 oz.)

1 – Sugar Rinse Conditioner (3.4 oz.)

1 – Sugar Confection® Hairspray (3.4 oz.)

1 – Sugar Cream Braid Cream (2.5 oz.)





  1. Apply a small amount of Sugar Cleanse Shampoo to wet hair. Lather and rinse; repeat if you wanna. Congratulations, your hair is now a blank slate for any kind of style.
  2. Work a small amount of Sugar Rinse Conditioner into shampooed hair. Rinse it out, and you're ready to style.
  3. Add a little Sugar Cream Braid Cream to clean, damp hair before you braid or blow-dry.
  4. Spray Sugar Confection® Hairspray as you go to shape, form and hold your style.

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