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Upgrade the shave experience with products specially designed to refresh and hydrate while ensuring a smooth shave.


Customize the perfect beard with products that maintain lengths—from scruff to full grown.


An arsenal of products to create any style, from the classics to the latest street-style inspiration.

Made for barbers by barbers

The Looks

Get inspired with these looks created by the MVRCK™ Barbers and styled using our complete line of trusted barbering products.

image of mvrck model chad

Chad's Look

Cut by Fernie Andong

For more of his work, follow @fernthebarber

The Steps

  • Line up edges with Blade Slip.
  • Finish with Dry Paste and Cooling Aftershave.

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image of mvrck model asa

Asa's Look

Cut by Megan Porter

For more of her skills, follow @megthebarber

The Steps

  • Blow-dry and finish with Dry Paste on the sides and the top.
  • Clean up the beard using Blade Slip and Grooming Spray along with two drops of Beard Oil and work into facial hair.

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image of mvrck model adam

Adam's Look

Cut by Jason Reyes

For more of his cuts, follow @iliketocuthair

The Steps

  • Use Grooming Spray and blow-dry.
  • Finish with Original Pomade, and use Skin Tonic as aftershave.

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image of mvrck model greg

Greg's Look

Cut by Michael Stout

For more of his skills, follow @itsjustahaircut

The Steps

  • Blow-dry in Grooming Spray.
  • Finish with Dry Paste to create volume and texture.
  • Shave using Shave Cream and Blade Slip, and apply Skin Tonic as aftershave.
  • Apply Skin + Beard Lotion to mustache.

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image of mvrck model taggy

Taggy's Look

Cut by Corey Bakon

For more of his work, follow @thecutcoach

The Steps

  • Finish with Original Pomade.
  • Use Blade Slip to line up facial hair and the hairline.
  • Apply Skin + Beard Lotion to facial hair.

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image of cedar pieces image of agave eaves image of sandlewood image of citrus

Barley Seed Extract

All shave products contain barley seed extract to help reduce the appearance of razor bumps.

Citrus, Agave, Cedar & Sandalwood

All products are infused with an intoxicating, energizing and masculine agave citrus scent.

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MVRCK® Products

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What It Does

Style Tip

Original PomadeOriginal Pomade Medium Hold iconMedium Hold
Natural Shine/Water-Soluble
For versatile styling. Water-based pomade washes out easily and won't flake. The drier the hair, the higher the hold.
Dry PasteDry Paste Medium Hold iconMedium Hold
Matte Finish
For lightweight, gritty texture that won't flake. Provide added texture and volume by cocktailing with MVRCK® Grooming Spray.
Grooming SprayGrooming Spray Flexible Hold iconFlexible Hold
For added height and buildable hold with natural shine. Works as a texture spray when applied directly onto the root.
Grooming CreamGrooming Cream Easy Hold iconEasy Hold
For laid-back styles with natural shine. Contains shea butter for soft texture. Work through air-dried hair for added texture, definition and overall control.
Skin TonicSkin Tonic Refreshing + Energizing A light mist that wakes up skin without feeling dry. Contains cooling menthol and a refreshing agave citrus scent. Utilize as a stand-alone facial toner.
Blade SlipBlade Slip Clear Shave Detailer For an easy-to-see razor glide when shaving, framing and detailing. Layer with MVRCK® Shave Cream for a smoother shave, even on the second pass.
Shave CreamShave Cream Moisturizing + Softening Lathers up for a smooth shave. Contains barley seed extract to help reduce the appearance of razor bumps. Using a shaving brush provides more lather, and cocktailing it with MVRCK® Blade Slip will help the cream last even longer during the shave.
Cooling AftershaveCooling Aftershave Hydrating + Soothing A moisturizing gel that refreshes skin with barley seed extract and an awakening agave citrus scent. Use for prep and post-shave for the smoothest shave ever.
Beard OilBeard Oil Softening + Refreshing Softens coarse hair with lightweight shea butter and a refreshing agave citrus scent. Works as a lighter hydrating option when your beard is looking dry.
Skin + Beard LotionSkin + Beard Lotion Moisturizing + Controlling Controls and tames coarse hair with a rich formula containing barley seed extract to hydrate skin underneath beard or scruff. Apply it to skin as a stand-alone daily moisturizer that also keeps beards tight and controls flyaways.

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