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Sugar Twist Tousle Cream

Paul Mitchell Neon

Piecey • Beachy

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For a cool and casual look that shows off your fun side, use Sugar Twist Tousle Cream. This sweet texturing cream is perfect for creating beachy, piecey, tousled tresses that bring out your inner free spirit. Twist it, scrunch it and work it into whatever style speaks to you.

Sugar Twist Tousle Cream

Effortlessly cool

Your free-spirited pal with the model-off-duty vibe.

Piece out

When you want surfer-girl waves, this piecey, beachy cream takes you there in an instant.

Text(ure) me

Scrunch it in for looks that won't fall flat.



Apply to clean, damp hair in sections, then air dry or blow-dry using a diffuser. Tousle hair lightly, and voilà, effortless texture.

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