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Behind the Design

One of the most prolific visionaries of our time, Karim Rashid is a global force dominating the design world. For the last 30 years, he's designed thousands of pieces for brands in every industry—from furniture to fashion and luxury goods to residential spaces, but never before has he crafted hair care tools. Until now.

image of the karim rashid

This was the first time I've ever applied high design to hair care tools, but it's long been a category I was eager to work with. Humans touch an average of 600 objects a day—their potential to help us or make us happy is huge. My design challenge was to create something original, remarkable and that elevates the everyday.

image of karim rashid's neuro halo sketches

The Neuro Halo tools
have strong lines
that mimic airflow and
hair. I embraced a
simple, sensual line that
repeats itself to express
continuous energy
and a continuum of
expressive forms.

image of karim rashid's neuro halo sketches

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