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1.25" Smoothing Iron

What it does
Perfect for smoothing, flips and waves.

How it works

  • Adjustable temperature control
  • Heats up to 450˚F in 30 seconds
  • 1.25" premium IsoTherm titanium plates
  • SmartSense microchip for lightning-fast heat recovery
  • Customizable auto shut-off

Added bonus
Cushioned plates with beveled edges.

  1. To ensure the smoothest finish and greatest control, smooth only a small amount of hair on each pass, and move the tool slowly and steadily.

  2. Run a fine-tooth comb through the hair ahead of the iron to get the hair distributed evenly on the iron’s surface.

  3. To smooth: Begin approximately 1-2 inches from the scalp on the first pass, then move closer to the scalp on the second pass.

  4. To flip or wave: Close the iron over the hair at the place where you wish the wave to begin and rotate the tool 180 degrees. With firm tension, slowly pull the iron through the hair clockwise all the way through the ends.