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Express Ion Turbolight+ Hair Dryer

Pro Tools

Travel-Ready • Dual Voltage

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Express Ion Turbolight+

Experience all of the power and none of the weight. Weighing in at just over a pound, this full-size, travel-ready hair dryer features dual voltage and maximum airflow so you can blowout like a pro on the go. The advanced technology of the Express Ion Complex™ provides shiny, healthy results, while a powerful motor quickly and gently dries hair.

What It Does

Full-size, travel-ready hair dryer with dual voltage and maximum airflow for healthier results.

How It Works

  • Ultra lightweight for easy styling - 1.1 lbs.
  • Automatic dual voltage (125/250 V) capacity is ideal for worldwide use
  • Professional 1875-watt DC motor for faster drying
  • Negative ion and far infrared technology eliminate frizz and increase shine and body
  • Diffuser attachment
  • Magnetic filter cover





Note: Our packaging is getting a makeover, so the product you receive may vary from the images that are shown.

  • Download the the Express Ion Turbolight+ Warranty Form.
  • Download the the Express Ion Turbolight+ Instruction Guide.
  • Download the Proper Tool Maintenance Guide.

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