Celebrating Paul Mitchell’s Vegan Hair Color and Hair Care Options

You probably love your Paul Mitchell® colorist for many reasons. (Like, 1. How they help you look and feel good 2. How they use cruelty-free beauty products…) Now, we’re going to give you another reason to add to your list: when you choose a Paul Mitchell stylist, you’re also choosing a professional with various 100% vegan hair dye options at their disposal!

image of the color XG

Did you know that many Paul Mitchell Professional Hair Color products and hair care products are 100% vegan? If your colorist chooses Paul Mitchell, that means they have a wide selection of vegan hair products to choose from while you’re in the chair—from permanent color products like the color XG®, to our demi-permanent The Demi and balayage favorites like Skylight®.

If you’re already going to a Paul Mitchell stylist (and if you aren’t, find one stat), chances are they’ve already been using vegan hair color products without you even knowing. Our formulas haven’t changed but our packaging is changing slightly to make sure you and your stylist are aware of all our vegan color offerings.

We know that finding great vegan brands and vegan beauty products can be a challenging (but worthwhile) process. That’s why we’re trying to make it easier for you and your colorist to find a vegan color option that’s right for you. Ask your stylist to look for the “100% Vegan” seal to find out which color products are vegan.

Not a vegan? Wondering what makes a product a vegan hair product? We’ll give you the rundown. A vegan product is one that doesn’t use any animal by-products. Non-vegan products can still be cruelty-free, containing humanely derived ingredients, like beeswax, but 100% vegan products opt for synthetic ingredients instead.

Having inclusive options that satisfy all guests’ needs truly matters to us. Not only are we proud to offer many vegan hair color options, but also some of the best vegan hair products across the board. So, after your balayage appointment is done, ask your Paul Mitchell stylist for the best vegan shampoo to protect your color. They’ll be happy to point you in the direction of John Paul Mitchell Systems’ many great vegan hair care products—like our Color Protect Shampoo or Platinum Blonde Shampoo.

Whether you’re a vegan or not, next time your stylist picks up a bottle of the color XG®, one of stylists’ favorite vegan permanent hair dye options, you can feel good while looking good.

Ready to book your next appointment? Find a Paul Mitchell Salon, stylist or School offering vegan beauty options here.

Can’t get to a salon today? Shop our wide selection of great vegan hair care options—including vegan shampoo, conditioner and hair styling products—here.

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