Hair Repair 101: How to Restore Damaged & Lackluster Locks

We've all experienced it — the frizz, the dryness, the lifeless strands that seem beyond rescue. But what if we told you there's a way to bring back vitality and shine to your hair? 

Our hair heroes at Paul Mitchell® are here to save the day (and your hair) with some expert guidance on how to fix damaged hair. With more than 40 years in the hair care game, we know a thing or two about reviving even the most stubborn strands. We believe in the power of good hair care, and today, we're giving you a complete guide on how to repair damaged hair.


Understanding Hair Damage

Hair damage and dullness can happen due to a variety of reasons. Whether it's from chemical processing, harsh environmental factors, sun damage, or overuse of heating tools, our hair can easily lose its health and luster. This is because these aggressors break down the hair's natural protein structure, leading to strands that are weak, brittle, and dull.

Think of your hair like a fine silk blouse. Sure, it might withstand a rough washing cycle or two, but over time, it's going to lose its vibrancy and become threadbare. But fear not, with the right knowledge and care on how to fix damaged hair, you can repair your locks to their former glory! It's time to shine. 


Going Beyond the Surface

The journey to fixing damaged and lackluster locks involves going beyond the surface to the very heart of your hair's structure. Understanding your hair's layers is key to unlocking the secret to stronger, healthier strands.

Three Bonded Layers

Our hair comprises three key layers: the cuticle (the outer layer), the cortex (the middle layer containing strength-providing proteins), and the medulla (the innermost layer). Among them, the cortex, rich in disulfide bonds, crucially determines hair's shape, elasticity, and health. 

These bonds, much like the architecture of a building, can weaken due to factors like chemical treatments or heat styling, resulting in damaged, brittle hair.


The Road to Repair

Learning how to fix damaged hair may seem like a daunting task, but when broken down, it's all about three key pillars: Quality Products, Hydration, and Protection. 

These pillars guide us toward the products and practices that can give our hair the strength, moisture, and safeguarding it needs to heal and regain its vibrancy,


Quality Products 

The first step in how to fix and restore your damaged hair is incorporating salon-quality, trusted products into your hair care routine. You’ll need formulations that use transparent, effective ingredients that work to repair and strengthen your hair from the roots.


Hydrating your damaged hair is essential to enhance and maintain its health and shine. You’ll need hydrating shampoos and conditioners packed with nourishing ingredients that replenish your hair's natural moisture and combat dryness.


Prevent further damage by protecting your hair from excessive heat and harmful UV rays. High-quality heat protection sprays and UV protectant products form a protective shield around your hair strands.


Consider Specialized Products for Exceptional Results

A hair care routine tailored to your specific needs can make all the difference when it comes to how to fix damaged hair and repair your locks to their original glory.

Bond Repair

Ideal for those who frequently color or heat-style their hair, bond repair products target and strengthen your hair's disulfide bonds. Our Bond Rx system contains powerful ingredients to restore your hair's structure and strength while avoiding harmful sulfates like SLS, SLES, and ALS.

Keratin Strengthening

Keratin, a structural protein in our hair, maintains its strength and resilience. Over time, damage can deplete keratin, causing brittleness. The Awapuhi Wild Ginger® Repair line includes KeraTriplex® keratin protein technology, which is a liquid formula of isolated proteins virtually identical to the keratin found in human hair. This protein technology will help to rebuild dry and damaged hair that is caused by heat styling and chemical processing, while the Awapuhi extract helps to balance the moisture in your locks.

What to Look for in Your Everyday Hair Care Products 

The hair products that you use daily have significant power — they can either contribute to hair damage or act as your key to lustrous, healthy locks. Choosing the right products is essential, not only for maintaining your hair's vitality but also if you’re wondering how to fix and restore damaged hair and prevent damage.

Shampoo and Conditioner

If you’re on the journey towards how to repair your damaged hair, look for shampoo and conditioner that are specially formulated to repair and protect. Our range of shampoos and conditioners is enriched with proteins and natural oils that strengthen your hair and restore its shine. They are free from harmful chemicals and tested for quality and efficacy. 

Hair Treatments

Our hair treatments go beyond the surface, penetrating deep into the hair shaft to fix damaged hair and repair it from within. Whether you need hydration from a deep-conditioning mask or a strengthening protein treatment, our product range has you covered with how to fix damaged hair. These intensive treatments are designed to target specific hair concerns and restore your hair to its natural, healthy state.

Styling Products

Hair styling products shouldn't just help you achieve your desired look; they should also help to repair damage to your hair. Our styling products not only give you the perfect finish but also contain protective and nourishing ingredients. From our heat protectant sprays to our styling gels and mousses, each product is designed with your hair's health in mind.

Choose Vibrancy & Vitality with Paul Mitchell®

Learning how to successfully fix damaged hair might seem like a tall order, but with a dedicated repairing routine, the right products, and a little patience, your locks can reclaim their former glory.

It's time to feel great about your hair with products that you can feel great about using. At Paul Mitchell®, we're committed not just to your hair's health but also to the health of our planet

Shop our best sellers and curate your perfect hair care and repair routine today with free shipping on every order over $50 — and don’t forget to claim your free samples at checkout. Happy hair repair!

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