Meet Your Hair Goals This Year

Hair goals. We all have 'em and the new year is the perfect time to set your intentions and declare the hair of your dreams. Whether you want to address thinning or keep your color from fading, setting a hair goal is a great way to reassess your regimen to see what’s working and what’s not. Here are some of the most common hair goals and how you can make this your greatest hair year ever.


Will this be the year you finally reach your full potential? While genetics and lifestyle, including stress, tend to affect hair loss more than anything, there is a lot that can be done to increase fullness. Start by using a system that’s gentle on your scalp like the Tea Tree Scalp Care Anti-Thinning Regimen. It contains a cocktail of natural ingredients, including fortifying pea peptides, that help keep hair from breaking off and falling out in three simple steps: shampoo, conditioner and tonic. Try the 3-step regimen in this value set. Pair it with Anti-Thinning Root Lift Foam, a volumizing mousse, for added lift at your roots and texture allover.


Heat styling, coloring, you name it…hair goes through a lot over the course of a year. If your goal is to repair and replenish your hair, we suggest adding the Awapuhi Wild Ginger® Repair Collection to your regimen. It contains KeraTriplex®, an exclusive blend of keratin protein that helps rebuild weakened strands. Then get to the core of damaged hair with Keratin Intensive Treatment®, a weekly hair mask that repairs and protects vulnerable hair and delivers intense hydration and shine.


A regular straightening routine can damage your curl pattern and lead to breakage. All it takes is a little fine-tuning of your curl regimen with Tea Tree Lavender Mint must-haves to help you live your best curly life. Add a cowash in between your regular shampooing to nourish and hydrate curls, use a weekly hair mask to give curls the moisture they need and add definition with a hair gel that doesn’t leave curls stiff, crunchy or weighed down.


Whether your frizz is genetic or a result of the visible effects of hair damage or humidity, it can be managed with a system of anti-frizz products with organic botanicals like the Paul Mitchell® Clean Beauty Smooth Collection. Enriched with organic, cold-pressed almond oil and hyaluronic acid, these products help smooth the hair cuticle and calm frizz for silkier, more manageable strands.


Stop watching your previous investment go down the drain. Choose shampoos and conditioners that were specially formulated for color-treated hair to keep your color salon-fresh and extend your shade’s life and vibrancy. Try the Paul Mitchell® Color Protect Collection to help prevent overall color fading or the Paul Mitchell® Blonde Collection to help minimize brassiness and brighten blonde and highlighted tones.

Still need help finding your perfect regimen? Talk to a stylist and tell them what goals you have for your hair. They can recommend products specific to your hair’s needs. Find a salon near you.

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